W3S2 [glæd] adj [no comparative]
[: Old English; Origin: glAd 'bright, shining, happy']
1.) [not before noun]
pleased and happy about something
glad (that)
I'm really glad I don't have to go back there again.
We're so glad you came.
glad to do sth
I am glad to be back home.
glad to see/hear etc
I'm glad to see you looking so well.
'I've decided to accept the job.' 'I'm glad.'
glad when
I'll be glad when the war is over.
glad about
She wasn't leaving after all. He was glad about that.
glad for
'Jamie's been accepted for medical school!' 'I'm so glad for him.'
2.) be glad of sth
to be grateful for something
Thanks Marge, I'll be glad of the help.
be glad of an opportunity/chance/excuse to do sth
They were glad of the chance to finally get some sleep.
It was cold outside, and she was glad of her coat.
3.) be glad to (do sth)
to be very willing and eager to do something
We will be glad to send you any information you may need.
I'm sure he'd be only too glad to (=extremely willing to) help you.
'Would you give me a hand?' ' I'd be glad to .'
4.) I would be glad if
formal used in formal situations or letters to ask someone to do something for you
I'd be glad if you'd let me know when the funeral is.
5.) glad tidings/news
old-fashioned good news
6.) give sb the glad eye
BrE old-fashioned to look at someone in a way that shows you are sexually attracted to them
7.) glad rags
old-fashioned informal your best clothes that you wear for special occasions
>gladness n [U]

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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